Thursday, 1 December 2011

Team Jacob

I was invited for lunch yesterday at the very lovely A's, and just as I was about to leave to go to it, I noticed that my eyebrows had actually become quite unruly and needed a bit of tidying up. This was quite momentous as I have not groomed by eyebrows since they fell off around four months ago. The problem is that I don't do my own eyebrows: I normally have some woman thread it: ie, she puts a bit of string in her mouth and through some form of very clever manipulation I end up with nicely shaped brows.

But yesterday I had no choice so I decided to give it a go myself. However, my eyebrows, although growing back (pretty slowly) - are growing back in very odd places. They've also become extremely pale and very very bushy. Without the magic of makeup, I was looking like I had stuck two albino caterpillars on my eyelids (yes, eyelids) and eyebrow areas.

So I waxed the unruly brows off, but through lack of practice, I have taken off more than I wanted. Huh. But as I was staring at my lopsided brows and lamenting their weird shape, I noticed that I had also started to grow a pretty impressive moustache. Now, with my bald head, this is NOT a good look. (Especially as Movember has also passed.) I am getting a good few compliments about my shaven head, which I doubt I would get if I also had Tom Selleck's moustache.

So I decided that it would also have to go. Now one thing that I had been given for my chemotherapy sessions was a numbing cream called Emla - this is so I wouldn't feel the needles going in me. And they were an absolute godsend. I have a couple of tubes left, so I decided to slather a bit on my upper lip before ripping off my moustache with wax. And they worked. Considering the amount of moustache hair I ripped off my lip, I didn't feel a thing. Sadly, I continued to not feel a thing for around another half hour...

All this faffing about over hair is such a pain. Hair loss (except for my head hair and eyelashes) was certainly one major advantage of chemotherapy. Sigh... Along with the Sick Face, this is one I'll definitely miss.

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  1. Can we assume from this that you wont be taking in part in 'Fanuary' in the new year then?

    Valley Girl Fanclub x