Wednesday, 18 January 2012


I finally dragged myself back to the gym this week after a two-month break.  Initially it was because I had just had my operation, then Christmas came along and I just did not have time.  So I was pretty nervous when I mounted the spin bike the other day; I figured I would be pretty unfit from the long break.

As it turns out my fears were unfounded:  I found myself a lot fitter than what I thought I would be.  And I think that this is because the past few months (nearly a year, actually) I had been exercising whilst chemotherapy drugs were coursing through my body, making me weaker I suppose.  But now that my body is cleansed (I'd like to think so anyway) I am actually stronger and fitter, despite the break.  This should be a good sign - the only way is up!

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  1. It sure is chinot, the only way is up and I can't wait to see you friday hopefully Vicky x x x