Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Full circle

First of all, sorry for the radio silence - things have been very busy lately and I'm afraid that the blog has fallen by the wayside as a consequence.

So!  I am cancer free - all the chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments are done and dusted and I survived.  I am a little worse for wear for it but I'm still here. The past year has been a challenge but all of us have our crosses to bear and it just so happens that this was mine.  But it is finished and it is time to move forward now, to new beginnings.

In the first week of April, LH, the three little pigs and I will be leaving the UK permanently for the Philippines.  If there's one thing that this cancer has taught us, it's that life can be full of surprises - pleasant or unpleasant - so we must make the most of our time here.  A move to the Philippines will give us a much better quality of life, and LH and I will be able to spend more time with the children, watching them grow up and be truly part of their lives.

This will be my last entry - after all, the evil crab is no more and the battle has been won.  Thank you once again for all your love and support.  I would not have been able to do this without you.

Count your blessings and be happy.  I certainly will.


  1. this is bittersweet - a little sad, but more pleasant. i'm glad the crab is beaten!

    as for your coming home - welcome back! Hope to see you soon. and you're right, life is still better here - people smile despite their trials, they laugh despite despair.

  2. What wonderful news! All prayers are now answered, and we are delighted for you and yours that you are off to enjoy your fabulous new lives together! Congratulations, much love, and bon voyage to you all. All blessings go with you. xxxxxxxxxx
    Much love, Judith and Allen xx

  3. A happy but sad ending as you're off! But so wonderful you're better, the crab is gone and what a fab new adventure! Will look forward to your new blog!

  4. We admire your strength and sense of humor through all of this. You have been a great example to us all! We can't wait to have you all back in Manila. We love you and see you real soon!!!

  5. I bet you cried as you wrote this!

    Wow! what a journey! What a relief! What a shame you are leaving!

  6. Roxanne Aquino1 March 2012 at 15:09

    I normally choose not to ride roller coasters, but yours has been an incredible ride! And of course i love happy endings. So one chapter closes and another one starts. Pave the way for returning Filipinos! See you soon!

  7. Ed U - Manila, Philippines1 March 2012 at 16:56

    >>Have a pleasant lively trip back home... it is the end of EVIL... then LIVE at the start of a new life. God is good all the time.<<

  8. It was a privilage to share your journey with you through the tough, sad and funny times and thank you for the wonderful inspiration you were to me personally. When things like this happens to people we know and love, it serves as a reminder that we need to appreciate every moment we have with the ones we love and also that life is for the living! So well done to you, your family and friends.
    May the road rise up to meet you.
    May the wind be always at your back.
    May the sun shine warm upon your face;
    the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,
    may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

  9. I wish you the best in your journey. You are an inspiration to many even to people who has not suffered your ailment. Am sure you will find what you are looking for in the Philippines as I have been preparing to do the same - going back home for good for a better quality life.