Saturday, 2 July 2011

Hair today...

Woke up in the morning (feeling like P Diddy...) to find out that I'd shed the equivalent of a shaggy carpet on my pillow. This surprised me as I didn't realise I still had that much hair left on my head. But I suppose this is the effect of the last chemotherapy session as I did not use the cold cap. The hair loss does not affect me any longer, but I find it such a hassle as I have to pick up all the hair afterwards. Even though the little hair that I do have left is very short, it's still not short enough to come away unnoticed. Thus, I leave a trail of hair wherever I go and I have to tidy up after myself all the time. If the CSI came to our house, they certainly wouldn't have any difficulty whatsoever in finding my DNA.

I've made the conscious decision not to shave my head; it's because I feel that by going bald, I will most definitely look like a cancer victim. Right now, I wear headscarves or turbans and because I still have hair peeking out, it looks like I have chosen to wear these - after all, headwear is apparently trendy at the moment. (At least that's what I tell myself.) A couple of weeks ago, whilst waiting to pay in our local supermarket, a lady approached me and told me she loved my headscarf. I laughed and told her I was actually undergoing chemotherapy - she was very apologetic but I told her that she'd made my day.

This morning however I found myself fed up finding hair everywhere, so I asked LH to shave my head. After making sure that I was not being impulsive and had actually given the process some form of logical thought, he agreed. I'm still not bald though - I've just gone for a long buzz cut. And what a relief - I should have done it ages ago. Apart from the fact that it looks so much better (that weird fringe left on its own in the front of my head was very odd indeed) I'm also not leaving a hair trail behind me. Or if I am, it's certainly less evident.


  1. Can I rub your head on wednesday??? I love that crew cut feel?? (or would that be just wierd??) x

  2. Good for you! The Ripley from film Alien look is well trendy!! And as you have a wonderful face anyway I'm sure you'll simply look stunningly chic baby!!!xx

  3. Yup, the Gollum look with scraggly bits of hair is not the most attractive. Better to just shave it off and be done with it. Bravo!

  4. I am in awe at your candor as you account your battles during such a personal and trying period in your life. The downplay you employ takes great strength and it shines like light through a dark place.

    I am so looking forward to your musings when you move to your blog topic AFTER THIS.

    Prayers to you and your wonderful family.