Thursday, 28 July 2011


Had the first session of the second round of my chemotherapy yesterday and phew, it's a heck of a lot better than the first. I suppose this is why it's been changed from one every three weeks to one a week for the next twelve weeks. Apart from feeling terribly woozy and quite groggy (from the intravenous antihistamines) for a couple of hours after, I have been fine since. So far, no nausea nor reflux. Hiccoughs still around, but nothing to worry about.

Chemo session yesterday was very quiet (to the silent relief of the nurses, methinks). Most of my girlfriends are on holiday so it was to be expected. I have to mention S though, who still came and entertained, and brought trashy magazines. What an absolute star. (I am convinced that I would have been out of bed earlier yesterday, but I kept myself supine if only to devour the magazines.)

Hopefully this Taxol course continues on this path. Apparently, the fatigue starts later on in the course, when the drug starts to accumulate in my poor body. And the hairloss sadly continues. Not that I have much to lose anyway. But I'm not going to worry about that - I'm going to revel at the fact that it's nowhere near as bad as the FEC course and I'm actually up and about!

(By the way, saw oncologist Dr M yesterday - apparently everything going on course, etc. He gave me a breast exam with the coldest hands. Obviously, a certain part of my breasts did something instinctive which only happens when I'm cold, et al! I hope Dr M doesn't think that I actually derive any sort of pleasure from these exams. Good God.)


  1. of the smuggling peanuts eh!!? Glad to hear was okay, good to keep abreast of things, to see you gave the doc somewhere to hang his white coat...i'll stop now...xx

  2. Hahaha!!!!