Thursday, 7 July 2011


Had the last FEC-(*ing) session yesterday! It's still not over I know, but at least the most toxic part is done. I am fervently hoping that the new cycle of Taxol - weekly for 12 weeks from the end of July - will be slightly kinder on me. I'd like to think that it will be as I cannot imagine something as horrible as the FEC being given on a weekly basis. Having analysed it (anal, me?) I think I will lose two (positive thinker that I am) to a maximum three days to this treatment. But Taxol sounds like toxic. Argh. Why couldn't they have named the drug Grass, Flower or Seascape???

Apart from the truly wonderful LH, I was joined yesterday by some lovely friends for my last FEC session. These chemo parties have been an absolute godsend as I have found that I have become more fraught with every hospital visit. My anxiety levels have gone up so instead of just experiencing palpitations on the way to hospital, I'm also starting to feel sick and actually found myself doing some dignified crying (ie silent tears and not sobbing like a babe) during the car journey yesterday. By the time I reached hospital I was in such I state of distress that I felt faint. However, once friends started streaming in I was immediately distracted from the treatment. When conversations range from the absolutely absurd (vajazzling) to the ridiculous (that news item of the Mexican smuggled in a suitcase is hilarious) to the more serious topics of phone hacking, I cannot help but be distracted. By the time I left hospital yesterday I was certainly in a much better state of mind.

But no less tired. Once home from hospital and the pub (where I did NOT order the Chicken Liver Salad) I spent most of yesterday in bed, flitting in and out of sleep. I'm feeling much better today though, although I am still spending a lot of time supine. Figuring out if there's any possible way we could contort LH so that he can fit into one of our suitcases.


  1. great news!

    what's vajazzling?

  2. Vajazz......didn't that originate in the brothels of New Orleans?

  3. Indeed! Vajazzling is quite simply making certain parts of your body glittery!! No-one may ever know....And I can tell you that as a way to keep your mind of chemo and laughing hysterically it's the topic to go for! Other than Mexicans in suitcases of course! Love you loads LL xx

  4. Almost there! And the end of the journey promises perfect health and well being. We're rooting for you every step of the way, Chinot! Love ya! - Lito