Friday, 30 September 2011

An inspiration

Last week, I met up with fellow breast cancer victim A for lunch. Although we'd been communicating regularly via email and telephone, it was the first time we'd met in person. And it couldn't have come at a better time. Being a few months ahead of me in this cancer malarky, she's finished her Taxol, had the operation and has just finished her radiotherapy. And she looks fantastic. Her hair has grown and although it's very short, it's a very chic look. (Gamine would be the proper word, methinks.) Her nails are lovely and white and her skin is clear. In other words, she looked absolutely radiant. Not the wasted image you would expect from someone ravaged by cancer treatment. I am hoping that in a few weeks' time, I will come out from this experience looking as well as she.

Apart from being overwhelmed by how lovely A looked, it was also very comforting to know that we had gone and were going through the same range emotions regarding this cancer: anything from anger and denial to the current fear of recurrence. But A is staying positive and so shall I. She is an inspiration and when I am feeling annoyed at the inconvenience of this evil crab, I will think of her and feel much better.

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  1. So glad you feel inspired, it must be a good to finally meet. I think you have looked amazing throughout and eternally bloody stylish! I have purchased the benefit eyebrow stuff you use. See, even when you are combatting this sh***y crustacean, we are still looking to you for fashion advice!