Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Very good news

Saw Mr Tit-man tonight and had a mammogram (ugh) and ultrasound done. And they could barely find the EVIL (evil, evil) crab! It's nearly completely disappeared so I have to go back to hospital tomorrow to have a clip or marker put on it. This needs to be done so that the doctor can still find it when he does the lumpectomy. Hurrah!


  1. What fantastic news! I am so pleased for you and yours. Keep on shrinking! Love, J xx

  2. Great news, Chinot!!!!!!!

    And to the Evil Crab -- begone! Shrink and disappear!

    We love you! Really excited to celebrate with you soon. (And yes, maybe even with a few Doritos.)

    Love ya! - Lito

  3. Wonderful stuff!! Hurrah!! We're really happy for you and the family.
    LH more of a leg man...titman..ace as chips turn of phrase...the amazing adventures of Titman!!

  4. yey!!!!! I am so happy for you! the hair loss and all the taxing Taxols have paid off! Yipee!

    can't wait to see you and Al.

    Love you :)