Thursday, 4 August 2011

"I'm just a nymphomaniac"

No, no, no - not me! That was once said by an acquaintance ages ago - she was being questioned about a business she was putting up, and rather than say she was just a neophyte at the industry, she mistakenly said this instead. What a disaster, as she's never been able to live it down...

I was suddenly reminded of this incident because recently I seem to be forgetting everyday words and using strange ones instead. Nothing too serious so far - in a conversation with girlfriend A the other day, I said 'when my cancer goes into revision'. Eh??? I was hoping this was a one-off but it seems to be happening with increasing regularity. Chemo brain has obviously started.

I am trying to ward off the slow decline of my brain by playing regular puzzles ( is a current favourite) and reading constantly (does re-reading Harry Potter count?) However, there's only so much I can do. So if you find yourself in conversation with me and I say something absolutely ludicrous, just blame my chemo brain.

PS. I realise of course that this could be considered another positive thing about chemotherapy - I could just say things out loud, renege all responsibility and blame the treatment. Ooh, what fun!

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  1. Chinot, I missed this post. How true and how funny. You should post a blog where you mix up words.