Monday, 29 August 2011

Be careful...

...what you look for in search engines.

One of the things that I am able to do with this blog is look at its statistics, such as number of hits (nearly 16,000 since I started this in April), where most of the readers are from (the UK, US and the Philippines) and traffic sources (the blog itself and Facebook are pretty high up the list). One of the other things it gives me are search terms - so evil crab blog, cancer blogs and chemo kits are quite popular. However, last night someone obviously typed in 'medicine for crabs' and somehow got directed to my blog. Dont know about you, but I find this absolutely hilarious!


  1. depends whether or not they have a poorly crab who needs medication or.................something quite different!

  2. My guess is they may need medical help for the crab as one of its 'wings' is broken (or maybe just a bit wonky like in your drawing?)

    ;-) x

  3. Nice blog!!! And good thought too!! I love the blog!!

  4. Thank you Ashley - glad you're enjoying the blog!