Friday, 26 August 2011

Taxing Taxol

I had my fifth Taxol last Wednesday - slowly, slowly, getting there. Sadly though, I think the effects of the Taxol are finally hitting home. With the first few sessions, I went about as normal. However, the tiredness is starting to set in and I just got out of bed around an hour ago (it's 5pm here). Don't get me wrong - I was up and about this morning and in fact went to a spin class, which is probably what killed me. I arrived back home, fed the children and could barely stay up after that. I eventually forced myself out of bed, but I'm still feeling very woozy. I must get my energy going though as have a party tonight and the wig must make an outing! (And not to mention the new LK Bennett snakeskin shoes...)

1 comment:

  1. Wigs and parties will always wait if you're not up to them honey!! People will understand...don't tire yourself out too much now...listen to your body as well as your mind! But saying that, perhaps a wee appearance would have done you and the wig good!! Hope it went well!! Thinking of you and see you guys in a few weeks!xx