Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Love it

Had my blood test for tomorrow's session and decided to pass by the shops on way home. On the way to M&S was stopped by a man to say he loved my hat. (No, am not wearing wig today - wore it yesterday but more on that later.) Around a half hour later, whilst waiting to pay, the 50-60-ish- year old lady waiting behind me said, 'you're beautiful'. Needless to say, both comments from complete strangers (and no, I was not flashing any part of my anatomy either) completely made my day. Especially keeping in mind that I live in the UK, the home of the stiff upper lip. This whole chemo look obviously suits me. Actually thought of taking a photo of myself and posting it on the blog; but then rushed home to cook the children's lunch (tuna bake, natch) and now have a tomato sauce splattered top. Oh well...

And yes, the wig went out for the first time yesterday. Felt quite self-conscious (and no strangers approached to make me feel better about it) but I figured that the ease will come in time. After all, the first few times I wore my turbans, I felt I had a beacon on my forehead. The funny thing is I bumped into one of the mums at the children's previous school and she made no mention of it. It was as if me, suddenly turning up with blonde hair, was the most normal thing in the world. Now, this could be one of the following things:
1. she never noticed my hair before;
2. drastic hair colour changes are normal in her world;
3. I stunned her into absolute silence (about my hair anyway);
4. she follows the dictum 'if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all'; and
5. she's just indifferent (she didn't ask how I was doing either).
My theory is #5, but I'm fearful that she was actually being a good girl and following her mummy's advice and was doing a #4. I will need to build up my courage to wear the wig again - LH and I have a party at J & P's on Friday, and I think I will wear it then. Wish me luck.


  1. The party will be great, you will look great, and if people say nothing, it could be because they're flexible and any look someone else decides to sport, goes!

  2. The comments from strangers just prove that beauty is really magnified from within. So it doesn't matter whether you're wearing a turban, a wig, or nothing at all (uh, okay, maybe not that far), just wear it with a smile and the right attitude. You're gorgeous, sis, so go out there and flaunt it. - Lito

  3. She'd probably read your blog post on Sunday 15th May 2011 ('You don't need to tell me I'm beautiful....') and was SCARED to say anything!!!! But maybe she didn't really want to say anything in case you were feeling self concious? Having someone run over to you in a shop and shout 'I love your wig!' might not be what you want to hear if you're hoping noone would notice!!
    You look amazing (though I know you'd HATE me to say that (-:) But it's more about how you feel. You've got so used to the turbans, the wig will just take a little longer to feel totally comfortable with. Maybe you won't ever feel completely comfortable with it, but that doesn't mean you don't cut it as a blonde!
    And if your lovely hubby loves it then what more could you want??
    Good luck for Chemo today.
    Hugs xxx

  4. You're most probably right (Lynne?) about her! I suppose I just felt so self-conscious with the wig on...
    Chemo went well - will write about it later. cxxx

  5. How did you know it was me??? Maybe I need a wig......!!! xxxxxx

  6. I just know...! Perhaps you need to get a pair of Superman specs...