Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Too vain?

I need to apologise in advance. I find it vain and terribly boring when people harp on about their weight, but sadly as it is something that is affecting me and is one of my great worries at the moment I'm afraid that just I'll have to talk about it.

Have just arrived back home after dropping the children off at camp (a 5-hour round trip drive) and on the way back home, LH and I stopped for something to eat. We opted for something healthy of course so ended up at KFC. (Ho-hum.) I ordered the Banquet for One, something that could've fed a family of five in the Philippines. It was enormous. I tucked into it and realised that the corpulent man seated at the next table was also eating the same thing. So we smiled at each other like kindred souls: we were both greedy and slowly eating our way to be contestants in some reality weight show.

The funny thing is that weight gain is one thing that's really worrying me. My hair will grow back with no effort, my nails will strengthen and lose their black tinge - but my weight will continue to rise if I do not make any attempt to lose it. I have so far gained (boring, boring) 2 kilos since this chemo malarky and it seemed to have plateaued with the first phase, but having steroids weekly seems to have accelerated the weight gain. Argh.

Anyway, despite all my weight angst, I had a KFC Oreo Krusher for pudding - all 600 calories of it...


  1. Good for you, Chinot - enjoy every luscious mouthful, a little of what you fancy..........

  2. Weight gain can also be lost, though slowly.... Still trying after 7 years! Enjoy!

  3. Chinot, weight gain should be the least of your problems. This doesn't run in our family. Any extra poundage we gain, we always lose it in a day or two, credit that to our metabolism.
    On another matter, how far is Tottenham from your place? I gather you're not at all worried or disturbed as we haven't heard anything from you about the riots there. At any rate, do take care and keep us posted.
    Love ya, with or without excess weight.

  4. Yes, take the advise of Dad to heart. After all, just take a quick look at our relatives whenever we go to our family reunions in Marikina... aren't they the paragons of svelte-ness? Tee hee.

    Don't worry sis. I've seen your pictures, and you look absolutely gorgeous. Now THAT runs in the family :)

  5. Food is good for the soul ;-) -tinca (alan's friend/wife of taps)

  6. You are making me hungry! But if there's any time to pamper and indulge yourself, it's now.