Monday, 31 October 2011

Back in the UK

Arrived back home in the UK Saturday night after a pretty uneventful flight. Thanks to the fab Dr L, was not worried about DVT. He had organised an anti-DVT shot to be administered the day before we left and just as well. I obviously spent the flight in such a contorted position that yesterday, my entire body was in agony. If not for the shot, I would've been convinced that I was in the throes of DVT death.

Apart from a bit of shopping, the last few days in the Philippines were spent catching up with the entire family as brother L flew in from Singapore to see me, LH and the three little pigs. It was fantastic to see my parents and brothers and sisters - after all, unconditional love comes from them. I knew this was definitely the case when said brother L actually kissed my bald head. And didn't wince.

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  1. Welcome back Chinot and the gang. Hope you have a lovely relaxing holiday - you deserve it. Thinking about you. Take care xx