Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Chemo brain strikes again

Arrived in the Philippines, where it averages 27 degrees Celsius, with TWO pairs of UGG boots, three pairs of stilettos (one which I cannot wear because of my fat feet) and ONE pair of flip-flops. Seriously. What the heck was I thinking???


  1. I did try!! At least we managed to persuade you to leave the Heilan' Coo hat at home...

  2. The best part about being in the Philippines is that you can get HAVANAS flipflops, which are IDENTICAL to HAVAINAS (yup, Filipinos are pretty good at that) for GBP2.19. All the colors you'll ever need for around GBP10!

  3. Stop press!! Sasquatch sighted in Philippine Capital!!! The big footed 'beast' was apparently seen to be wandering round in circles with one stilleto muttering,"DVT...I told you so...where flip-flops...wibble..."