Sunday, 16 October 2011

There's no place like home

Having lived in six countries, home for me is where my husband and children are - so currently, it is the UK. However, having grown up and spent 26 years of my life in the Philippines - and being Filipino, of course - the Philippines will also always be home for me. After all, it's the only place where I can use my lips to point, and where I can eat six full meals a day and no-one bats an eyelid.

We arrived in Manila yesterday morning, after a pretty uneventful trip (except that I heard a man shouting at a poor stewardess outside the loo WHILST I was in the loo - I had to do a pretty good scurry past them). And it's funny, but every time we land in Manila, this feeling of relaxation suddenly comes upon me - it's almost as if my body is releasing a very big sigh. LH certainly feels it too - I suppose it's because we associate the Philippines with holidays, the sun, the sea, my family and fantastic £4.00 one-hour massages.

We're here for another two weeks and I'm hoping that this break will get me all ready and psyched up for my lumpectomy when we arrive back home to the UK. After all, I've already had a massage and have booked another one on Tuesday morning. Oh, did I mention that they cost £4.00 for an hour?


  1. Fantastic makes sure you treat yourself to one a day f x

  2. Mabuhay Chinot! Hurrah for the Philippines! Have a wonderfully restful time and love to all!!
    Did your mum ever find her missing trousers!!? They're a bit stretched now and need some repairs but are bearing up well. ;-)
    Arctic freeze on the way here to welcome you home so enjoy the time there!!

  3. Welcome home! God continue to bless you with every thing you will ever need!