Thursday, 20 October 2011

Bald is beautiful?

A week or so ago LH and I had dinner at P and J's and I decided to wear a slightly over-the-top dress I had bought recently. Being OTT though, I had problems finding the right headgear to go with it. The wig was too much whilst the scarves clashed or just plainly did not suit. So I decided to go bare.

This was my first time in public without a head covering: I had done it around the house but always made sure that my head was covered whilst I was out and about. Not really because I feel self-conscious about it: more that I feel it will make people uncomfortable. (We recently had our windows done and had two bald men working on it. I walked around bareheaded whilst they were there: I ended up looking like their sister, or we all looked like members of a strange cult.)

I called P and J before we left the house to let them know that I intended to go bald. P retorted that he would never expect LH (although he isn't bald, his hair has certainly receded) to call to ask the same thing. True; but baldness for women is very different as it's not very often that you see bald women in public. Men's baldness is sexy and is a sign of virility: think Jason Statham, Bruce Willis and Vin Diesel. Whilst women are either ill or odd: Sinead O'Connor and Grace Jones come to mind. I feel that I always need to warn others before I decide to go bare; not doing so would be unfair as it would make them feel uncomfortable.

And although I have accepted my bare head and even joke about it, I suppose a subconscious part of me may still be unhappy about it: why else would I refuse to have any photographs taken of me in this state? And admittedly, one experience I'm definitely missing whilst here in the Philippines is having a hot oil hair massage. Sigh... Never mind though - the chemotherapy is finished so hopefully I should be complaining about the cost of haircuts and bikini waxes pretty soon...

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