Tuesday, 25 October 2011

DVT Update

Okay, so it turns out I didn't have DVT after all. Luckily, one of sister T's neighbours was her mum-in-law's oncologist, so we went to his place (poor Dr L, getting accosted in his home) and he very graciously poked my legs and feet and told me I was fine. However, since we saw him, we have been to the beach and in fact just arrived back yesterday - a two-hour car journey (one-way). Then in the evening we proceeded to an exhibit opening and a fashion show, where I wore a pair of four-inch stilletos. Hmmm... Not clever I know...

So today my right calf hurts. And my right thigh feels numb. As a consequence, the DVT fear has reared its ugly head again. Which explains why I am still up at nearly 2am. LH is fast asleep next to me but I cannot because I'm worried sick. I know that staying up won't help at all - on the contrary, it's worse because I keep googling 'deep vein thrombosis' and am suddenly experiencing every symptom listed. The Internet feeds my hypochondria.

So it seems that poor Dr L may be seeing me again tomorrow. Sigh... I do feel sorry for him...

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  1. Sing it, Carly! "You're so vein, you probly think this song is about you, you're so VEIN"... Let's trust Dr. L and his diagnosis. After all, he didn't get his medical degree from Google :) You're fine, sis. Four-inch stilletos will do that to you.