Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Nearly there...

Tomorrow, I will have my last chemotherapy session. That's it. No more stressing over blood tests, no more Wednesday morning jitters... It's not the end however; I still have a lumpectomy (and a possible lymph node dissection) waiting for me after our two-week holiday and a one-month course of radiotherapy.

But I am nearly there. And what a journey it's been. It certainly hasn't been the easiest year, but I have grown and learned so much more about myself. I have strengthened relationships and made new ones. I am more appreciative about life and all that I have, and all the love around me. Some things that may have bothered me before seem so petty now. And things that I didn't make time for before, I now make sure I take time to appreciate.

In other words, this evil, evil cancer - for, at the end of the day, this is what it is - has made me a better person. I only hope that this is not a temporary state of affairs; I'd like to think that all the pain and inconvenience of the past six months has been worthwhile and some good will come out of it in the end.


  1. Good luck today honey, will be thinking of you dozing on your room as the taxol does it's stuff. Your attitude over the last 6 months has been inspirational: the honesty, the humour, your integrity and your energy has truly amazed me.
    Wishing you a lovely holiday where I hope you can all recharge your batteries so you can face the next challenges with the same attitude. Remember, you never walk alone. Xxx

  2. HOORAH!!!

    It seems like only yesterday you first told us the awful news! So much has happened since then and you have come through this so strong, and still so beautiful!

    Have a fabulous holiday and come home ready to face the home straight.

    And don't forget - as with all your FRIENDS - I'll be there for you.......

  3. But I will really miss your egg head!! You rocked the look. Here's to curly regrowth..... Oh and can we still have lots of lunches even though you're better?! Happy hols lovely lady xxxx