Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Family and Friends

Although we had been told that it could be cancer on Wednesday evening, it wasn't until Saturday morning that we received the proper diagnosis. By Saturday afternoon, I had told family and friends. A girlfriend, who had been diagnosed with cancer the year previous, could not understand my desire to tell everyone. To be completely honest, I'm not sure either. But I'm a person who wears her heart on her sleeve; I was upset and I knew that I would receive comfort from family and friends. And this has been the case, most definitely.

Reading messages of love and support from friends and family has made the news slightly easier to bear. They were sad with me when they heard of the diagnosis, and rejoiced when the CT scan was clear. (Amazing how the bar changes - on Saturday I was devastated to learn I had breast cancer, and yesterday I was overjoyed to learn it was JUST breast cancer.) And I know that they will continue to be there for me as I embark on this arduous process of getting rid of this evil crab.

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    Sorry for that very juvenile outburst :)

    We're here for you all the way Chinot. When you called me and told me the news (over my mobile phone), I stepped out and sat on the garage. Later on, Doris would tell me that I actually sat there in silence a full 35 minutes after the call was over.

    Evil Crab, back to where you belong! You're not wanted here! Shoo, shoo!