Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I'm not helpless, I just have cancer

One thing that has really surprised me about the cancer diagnosis, is that when I asked my breast surgeon, oncologist, breast cancer nurse and even the various cancer helplines if I need to make any changes in my lifestyle, they've all said no. I suppose I lead a pretty healthy lifestyle (don't drink, don't smoke, don't take milk, exercise and buy organic foodstuffs) so I suppose there's not much that they can ask me to do. But then I thought they may have said, 'Drink more green tea!' or 'Don't use deodorant with aluminium!', but no, nothing at all.

However, I'd like to be part of the cancer healing process. I don't feel like leaving everything up to the doctors and chemotherapy - sounds a bit fatalistic to me. So, I've made a few changes, such as I've stopped eating meat (making me a nightmare dinner guest), I've cut down on my junk food and I'm drinking an average of six cups of green tea a day. Oh, and I sprinkle turmeric on nearly everything.

I've also decided to explore alternative treatments. So today I went for my first reiki session. I knew that I would have to have a very open mind when I walked into the treatment room and was accosted by the very heavy smell of a lemon-y incense, walls covered with images of Egyptian gods, hundreds of crystals and music with whale sounds. And for some bizarre reason, porcelain figures of the Seven Dwarves - without Snow White. But still, I stayed and had to stifle a giggle when the "Reiki Master" (you cannot possibly say "Reiki Master" without quotation marks) told me that reiki was founded when this man went up a hill, blacked out and saw "visions". Personally, it sounds like drug-induced behaviour to me. I wonder why Amy Winehouse has yet to discover an alternative therapy. But I digress... Rather than leaving I let the "Reiki Master" wrap me up in a blanket and do his stuff. Sadly I cannot be more detailed as I had to close my eyes at this point as I was nervous that I would lose it and laugh my head off. And worse, end up with accidental eye contact whilst he was doing the "treatment".

The funny thing is, an hour later, despite my cynicism, I felt better - and lighter, as if a load had been lifted off me. So, like a proper sucker, I booked myself in for a second session. If I find Snow White hiding in the treatment room somewhere, I'll definitely let you know.

PS. One thing I've also decided to do is change is my deodorant. I've switched it from the all-singing, all-dancing industrial strength one to one made of natural oils. I not sure it works and I think I smell. I apologise to everyone in advance.


  1. So with a change in de-odourant, your saying you were reeking at you reiki's!? Nice! Medicine was once thought as alternative therapy, regardless of the lack of peer experiential research review (ie proper scientific method) anything that makes you feel better is good...smiling at clouds,hugging trees,anything...you are part of the universe and it is part of you and it's a far nicer place because you're part of it!!! Keep smiling! Much love. X

  2. It is so heartening that you've decided to take an open mind "attack-from-every-possible" approach to this. The evil crab won't only be be sent back, it will be beaten to a bloody pulp.

    I agree with Marc. The world is a mysterious place, so let all its mysteries work for your full and swift healing.

    After all, apart from making you feel better all around, these alternative treatments make wonderful blog entries :)