Thursday, 7 April 2011

I am so blessed!

Today is the first 'real' day since my diagnosis: A back at work, children back at school. So we join the rest of humanity as the world hasn't stopped. Funny that...

Earlier today, I had to drop the car off at our local garage as the brakes needed checking. I ordered a taxi to take me back home as I had to leave the car for a couple of hours. As is usual, the taxi driver and I ended up in conversation: he told me about his children, and I told him about mine. At which point he said: "You are so blessed!", and although we'd had a pretty rough weekend, I immediately replied, "Yes!"

Because despite this pernicious evil which has decided to invade my otherwise healthy body, I am indeed blessed. I have my husband who has been an absolute tower of strength, patience and love; three beautiful children who bring me so much joy and laughter; and other family and friends who are a constant source of inspiration. When I've come across images of the people of Japan who have lost loved ones, or Madeleine McCann's mother, I know that I would rather go through this experience a million times over than be in their shoes.

The cancer was caught early; six months earlier the mammogram would've come out clear and I would have walked around with a false sense of security. As it is, I have complete confidence in my doctors and the medical staff. I know that I, with the support of family and friends (I cannot overstress their importance) will beat this.

I have decided to look upon this curse (I am running out of euphemisms for this darned affliction) as a chronic disease, rather than a death sentence. I will live with it, but I will conquer it. I know I am blessed.

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