Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Bald is beautiful? 2

It was agonisingly hot in the Philippines. This, coupled with the hot flushes that I seem to be getting with increasing regularity, made head coverings absolutely torturous (don't even mention the wig). So I learned to finally, FINALLY, embrace my bald self. I went out a couple of times with no head covering whatsoever. And I like to think that I rocked it. Admittedly, there are still days when I feel I look like Arnold Schwarzenegger's disguise in Total Recall, but they are becoming fewer and far between.


  1. Why 'finally' in capitals honey? Why always so hard on yourself? What would you say to one of your close friends, or indeed any friend, who was experiencing the same as you? I know. You would tell them that they were smart, funny and beautiful with or without hair. You would tell them that, in time, they would accept their temporary baldness and be able to go out sans wig/turban and that people would admire them and secretly wonder if they would look that good without hair. You would tell them that they had a beautiful face, skin and a body that rocks after 3 kids and over 4 decades on this earth. Please be kinder to yourself, just as you would be kind to a friend.

  2. Thank you Simone. From the bottom of my heart. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. I completely agree, sis. Besides, you really rocked the look!