Thursday, 3 November 2011

Where does the time go?

Since I stopped gainful employment around three years ago, one of the worst things that LH can ask me when he arrives home from work is what I've been up to on the day. Simply because when I start enumerating things I've done, they all seem pretty trivial, and they all sound as if I would've been able to do them in an hour's time, tops.

Take a look at this: tidied up the bedrooms, did the laundry, sorted the paperwork, went to the gym and post office and made dinner. Looks pretty simple huh? Surely an hour or two, maximum? HA! Nothing like that. By the time I'm done with the last item on my list (if I even had the chance to do everything), it's time to pick up the children from school again.

The thing is, it's very true: a mother's work is never done. So, once I knew that I was going to be undergoing chemotherapy and was going to be indisposed for a couple of days each week (or nearly an entire week every three weeks at the beginning) I put on my organised mum hat and got everything ready for the days I was not able to do my thing. The last time I was this organised was when I had the twins - I had three children aged 17 months and below, all in nappies. And I had no help. So I had to get organised.

But now it's over. Suddenly, I have all this free time again. I don't spend Wednesdays and Thursdays non compos mentis. And I feel almost lost. I've been busy, yes, but I seem to find myself with more free time than I can remember. I've been to the gym nearly every day this week (would've been everyday, if not for a silly yappy dog that caused a half-hour traffic jam on the way to the gym) and I've done all the ironing. But yet, I'm still finding myself spending what surely is an unhealthy amount of time on Facebook. And going around the house looking for things to do. This can't be right.


  1. Time does indeed fly so fast! I cant believe you guys have been back there for almost a week now. Anyway, reading your entry today.. I wouldnt say you are lacking in things to do. You are more active that most of us here.... you went to the gym almost everyday since you arrived? Grabehhhhh! :)

  2. You should know better than to admit to other (dis)organised mums that you have time on your hands!

    I have an ironing pile I really can't be arsed to get into if you fancy it, or, failing that - let's do what us mums spend all our time doing - and have lunch!!!