Wednesday, 16 November 2011


I'm back home after spending the night in hospital. I had my lumpectomy yesterday; hopefully all traces of the evil crab are out of my body. However, we won't know for sure till next week: we will have the results of the biopsy then. If it is all clear, it's time to rejoice. If not, we will have to consider a mastectomy. Although the mastectomy will come with a tummy tuck, I'm not THAT desperate for a flat stomach so would really rather not go through with that, so fingers crossed.

The operation seems to have gone as well as we'd hoped, and according to Mr Tit-Man, he is 'cautiously optimistic.' I am not in a lot of pain at the moment - I just feel slightly battered - it's similar I suppose to the feeling of muscular pain and fatigue from working out after a long hiatus. And the pain could've also come from the pre-operation procedure I had to have - that of putting a wire into my breast. (Stop reading now if you're squeamish.) I had to have a mammogram and whilst my breast was clamped into position, the doctor poked a thin wire into my breast, pinpointing the marker placed a couple of months ago. This was done so that Mr T would know where to take out the breast tissue. (The tumour had completely disappeared with the chemotherapy.) This took a good ten to fifteen minutes, plus a number of mammograms later to make sure that the wire was in the right place. This of course was not fun; women can imagine the pain of having your breast clamped repeatedly between two plates AND having a wire inserted. I suppose the nearest thing for men would be having the same done to their testicles...

Needless to say, after this procedure the operation itself was a doddle; it helped that I was completely knocked out in the first place. I was awakened a few hours later feeling very groggy; I suppose the medical staff forcefully wake you to make sure they haven't accidentally killed you. LH, the children and Weird Uncle Marc dropped by a few hours later but I don't remember much about the visit as I was still woozy. Just as well as apparently the children took turns playing with my oxygen - LH had told them it was helium and they were hoping for a change in their voices.

I would've had a very good sleep that night except that the nurse kept popping in to check my blood pressure and to see if I was all right and sleeping well. Seriously, why do they do this? Anyway, am now in the comfort of my own bed and am hoping for an uninterrupted sleep. Good night!


  1. So happy to hear that your recovery is proceeding perfectly! Although I have to admit that reading this blog made me wince and cross my legs a few times (Sorry, but the thought of wires through testicles ... brrrrr.)

    And yes, don't you just love it whenever someone wakes you up by asking "Are you sleeping?"

  2. Brilliant news Chinot! Very glad everything went well and hoping you have a fast recovery from the op (at least try and milk it and make the boys do everything for you for a while).