Thursday, 24 November 2011

What I'm truly proud of

Last night, when we arrived home, second son E opened the door for us and I immediately shouted, "I have no more cancer!" And he replied, "Oh, okay" and rushed off to do whatever very important thing he was doing before we interrupted him with our arrival.

Eldest son C and daughter N did not react with much more emotion either when we told them the good news. And this is the one thing I am truly proud of. Friends and family have come forward congratulating me on conquering and stamping out this silly crab. But I cannot really take the credit - I just did what the doctor ordered and sat there and let the chemotherapy drugs do their work. But I am very happy and proud that our children seem to have come out of this nearly year-long ordeal unscathed. Throughout this experience, LH and I made sure that the children would not be scarred nor frightened, thinking that they may lose their mummy. We've been as normal as possible with them (and with all others, I'd like to think), going about our daily lives with bad news and chemotherapy treatments taken in stride. And last night's reactions proved that we had been successful. And for this, I do want my pat on the back.

*I know it is grammatically incorrect to end sentences with a preposition. I did think of a way around it, but 'The thing for which I am truly proud' just sounds too pedantic.


  1. I told you that evil crab had wings (not claws)!
    It's flown away huzzah ;-)


  2. Happy for you. You defeated that evil crab with flying colors. To God be the glory!

  3. Fantastic news chinot, best bit of news I have heard all week, well see you later ;-) xx

  4. Prayers DO get answered! We are so very pleased for you. Great news!