Monday, 7 November 2011

Let's get physical

My beautiful friend A has just done the New York Marathon. This was her second marathon in four weeks (yes, she is slightly mad). When I congratulated her on the effort, she said, verbatim: "If you can go through what you have been through, then I can get round 26.2 miles!" First of all, what she did was 26.2 miles TWICE in four weeks.

Now I don't want to undermine what I have been through - or have yet to go through. Although physically it has been a challenge, and losing my hair initially was very hard, I honestly don't think that it's that different from what others go through, in terms of a physical challenges, on a daily basis. I can think of many people who are most probably facing similar, or much worse hardships in their daily lives.

For me, the hardest thing about this entire journey has not been the chemotherapy, the fatigue, the nausea or the hair loss. It's the thought of death. The thought that I would leave my children early when I have not yet taught them all that I know. The thought that I won't be there to give them a guiding hand when they are faced with their own challenges as they are growing up. However, I am off this mindset - when death finally does get to me, it hopefully won't be because of this darned cancer.

So, my darling A, give yourself a very well-deserved pat on the back for having done the marathon twice in four weeks - it is certainly an achievement.

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  1. Amazing A!! I'd find it difficult to take a bus that far never mind run it!!!! It's all good and Chinot you're an inspiration! X