Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Ding dong, the evil crab is dead!

Yes, 'tis true, the evil crab is no more. Hurrah! Saw Mr Tit-man tonight and he gave LH and I the good news. Apparently (now hopefully I get this right - I was pretty overcome with emotion that I turned into some kind of blubbering wreck) chemotherapy attacks tumours in three ways:

1. they shrink the dang things into oblivion;
2. they make the tumours smaller and smaller and eventually all that's left is a tiny little dot; or
3. they attack the tumour and break it into tiny little bits.

My (ex - HA!) tumour reacted like the last one. The biopsy showed that tiny bits of my (ex) tumour were taken out during the surgery and the margin around the area was completely clear. Which means that there are no more cancerous cells. I am an ex-breast cancer person. I do not have the evil crab inside me any longer. It has been blasted into a million tiny little bits. It is an ex-evil crab. But just to make sure, radiotherapy will continue as planned in January.

I am absolutely ecstatic, to say the least. Even the funny robe without the belt the nurse gave me to wear did not dampen my spirits. And to prove my joy to Mr T and Nurse M, I blubbed when I received the news. Which surprised even me as I had been pretty calm leading up to tonight. But I suppose I was just so relieved...

THANK YOU again to my LH, my children, my family and all my friends. I would not have made it this far with positivity and good humour if I had not been blessed with your love, laughter, hope, prayers, strength and support. You are angels. Thank you. I love you all.


  1. alas, prayers work! Stay healthy, Chinot! - doji

  2. Congrats sis! I'm so happy and relieved to hear the fantastic news! With fervent prayers, a lot of love, and a remarkably positive attitude -- the evil crab didn't stand a chance! The evil crab is no more! It has ceased to be! It is an ex-evil crab! We love you! There aren't enough smileys to show how we're feeling now.

  3. Amazing lady, now time to publish those blogs, advertise those angel bracelets and inspire the world Judy xxx

  4. Hurrah!!! Wonderful news for you and all the family. Youve been amazing throughout. You're much loved by us all. XXX

  5. you rock ... big time

  6. Hip hip hooray! Another thing to be thankful for this THANKSGIVING!!! You did it!! !!!With all the love, support of LH, children, friends and all the rest of your prayer warriors - there is no way THAT EVIL CRAB CAN WIN!!! What great news!!! SOOOO HAPPY!!! Y