Thursday, 23 June 2011

15 x 12 x 10mm

That's the new size of this evil parasite in my body. Down from 16 x 15 x 12mm. Not much smaller in size, but certainly smaller in volume. Yippee. To give you a better idea of what it looks like, I've drawn it on a piece of paper. Please note that I've employed a bit of artistic license.

Yes, I'm afraid that this is the enemy that we're dealing with.


  1. Great artwork, Chinot! so pleased for you, every mm counts! In Evil Crab terms, that's a lot!
    Still in our prayers. Love, Jxx

  2. Die evil crab! Die!

  3. It looks just like Wayne Rooney!

    Im keeping my fingers crossed that it eventually ends up looking like Arsenals trophy cabinet.....a big ol empty space!..........cough.

  4. Love the little wicked wings. They'll wither and drop off soon enough. Bravo!

  5. What a 'crabby' looking creature. Shrink, wither and die, you crab! (It reminds me of a boss I had once.) - Lito

  6. Why do you have such an angry face, Evil Crab? You're not mad at us -- we're MAD AT YOU!