Friday, 24 June 2011

Always look on the bright side of life

There are, at the end of the day, some positives to having cancer.

1. No such thing as a bad hair day. You're either bald, or balding. So, you grin and bear it and show off your pate with pride, or if you're a coward like me, don't shave and wear a hat or turban. So much faster in the mornings.

2. The lack of body hair. Hooray for Hollywood. 'Nuff said.

3. Faster showers. No need to condition hair, and no need to shave.

4. The choice of eyebrow look for the day. So, do I go for angry or shocked today? Hmmm...

5. The excuse to eat everything in sight, at anytime of the day. It's the steroids, you know.

6. The excuse to lie down in the middle of the afternoon.

7. The ability to gross your friends and family out just by showing off your portacath.

8. The opportunity to try out your friends' cooking.

9. All the lovely flowers and presents.

10. Friends and family telling you they love you because they care for you.

11. The opportunity to tell friends and family that you love them without them thinking that you've gone mad.

12. The Sick Face.


  1. Trust you to find the good in every situation. However, you are beginning to reveal your slightly twisted side by trying to gross people out with your port/manipulate them with your sick face. You would make a great Bond Villain, with your turban and the odd glimpse of dark side. Just work on your evil cackle and we may have found another career for you after you have crushed the ec. Ahhhahhhhahhhhhaahhheeeeehhhee (evil cackle attempt) :)

  2. I think we should take a vote on the eyebrow look thing and you are obliged to wear the winning look for a day. Here is the choice:
    1) the Roger Moore - one eyebrow raised
    2) the Stag Night - just one eyebrow
    3) the OMG - very surprised look
    4) the Klingon - thick monobrow
    5) Premiership Footballer - series of dots and dashes a la Aaron Lennon

    Get the votes rolling in!! I'm voting for Roger Moore.

  3. Well in keeping with Simone's Bond theme I will also vote for 'the Roger'!

  4. Ps surely 'The Sick Face' should be at number 1????

  5. Voting for Roger Moore, too! Y

  6. Roger Moore for me too. Al, why is "the Stag Night" one eyebrow only? Did I miss something during your stag night? All I remember from that experience was "HALLO SER!!!!! HALLO SER!!!!"

  7. I vote for the Rog eyebrow. The Bond I grew up with, thus the Best!