Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Here we go again...

Tomorrow I go for round 3 of FEC chemotherapy. The last couple of days have been very odd indeed as I've had to sort out lift shares and such for the week or so immediately after the treatment. I feel very healthy at the moment so I feel a fraud asking friends for favours, but sadly it has to be done. Although I've already gone through two of the treatments and have more or less an idea of what to expect, I need to leave room for the possibility that the chemotherapy is going to hit me really hard and I'll be absolutely hopeless and useless.

So, I'm 'putting my affairs in order'. That's what people usually say when they're on their deathbeds and need to get matters sorted out. Although I'm not dying, I must do a similar thing as I won't be able to go about as normal for the next few days. So, I've had a word with my children and asked them to be on their best behaviour, I've spoken with friends and sorted out lift shares and I've made sure that my family don't starve whilst I am incapacitated. (LH will be around and although he will be all helpful and wonderful, it's all about CONTROL...)

I am really hoping that round 3 will even be better than the last one - but as I've been told so many times that the effects of chemotherapy are cumulative, I'm always preparing for the worst but hoping for the best. Wish me luck...


  1. Prayer brigades at work!

  2. All the luck in the world, Chinot - our love and prayers go with you. xxxxxxx J&A XX

  3. We love you Chinot! Every treatment is one more step closer to getting rid of this evil crab! We're with you all the way! - Lito

  4. Sending you a tsunami of love you are SO brave and positive, and i am sure all your friends want to help and be helpful, so let them...that's also a gift to them.
    So go in there and EXTERMINATE those horrid cancer cells...