Thursday, 16 June 2011

Three down!

Had my 3rd FEC yesterday and only one more of that nasty one to go. Yippee. Yesterday's treatment a heck of a lot better as did not do the cold cap, which made it shorter and a lot more comfortable. Also, again had the chemo party and it really does cheer me up!

Am feeling slightly more fatigue than the last treatment, but there's a lot less of the nausea, which is very good. But I think I may only be tired as I was the recipient of a little bit of drama yesterday.

An hour or so after having arrived home from hospital, I was just about to lie down when I received a telephone call from daughter N's form teacher to say that N had had a nose bleed whilst in a sports event at another school. No problem, as my twins are veterans at the nose bleed. She then proceeded to say that the blood had started to come out of my poor daughter's eyes. She immediately followed this statement with 'There's nothing to worry about.' Is she mad??? Blood from the eyes and nothing to worry about??? The adrenaline kicked in and I went into panic mode and called, in order:
1. LH who was doing the school run for the boys;
2. friends to find out who could bring N back from the school;
2. the GP to get an emergency appointment;
3. good friend paediatrician C in Virginia (who just had her first chemo session the day before), and
4. sister T's children's paediatrician based in Manila.
Luckily, everyone seemed to have understood me as I was pretty incomprehensible, since I was sobbing my head off. I drove daughter N to the GP who got me referrals to the ENT specialist, a full blood count (FBC) and a blood clot test, which is all being done on Friday. But the GP (and neither did the two paediatricians I had called) did not think it was really anything to worry about. Phew.

Arrived back home, made the necessary appointments, and crashed. I think the stress of the event, knowing that sister T was leaving this morning for Manila, the pressure of the days before the chemo and the chemo itself finally got to me and I just hit the sack.

But I'm feeling a lot better now. H arrived this afternoon to give me my Neulasta shot and the cleaner kicked me out of the bedroom an hour later. Which turned out to be a good thing as I'm up and about rather than feeling sorry for myself in bed. I'm tempted to do a bit of yoga as I know it will do me good, but at the same time, there's a big possibility that I'll end up shattered as well. But then I feel lazy lying in bed when I'm feeling perfectly fine now! Hmm... What to do, what to do...


  1. Good grief how stressful for you all. No wonder you feel shattered after the adrenalin had left your system. Haven't you explained to the children that there is only room in the T household for one patient at the moment?
    Take it easy. A bit of gentle yoga maybe but nothing too strenuous. There is always next week to go the gym four times!
    lol xxxx

  2. Wierdly my friend was saying last week on FB how her daughter (same age as N) had also had bleeding from the eye with a nose bleed. Apparently it's really common with some nose bleeds so I'm sure it is nothing to worry about (although I can imagine it looks like something out of a horror movie when it's happening!)
    Sounds like you are coping amazingly well with this round. Hope the weekend is good and that you continue to feel (relatively!) ok.
    As Simone says there's plenty of time next week to make us feel inadequate as you spin and gyrate at the gym looking uber cool in your head gear! Wouldn't it be funny if you start a new craze at the gym!!
    Hugs Lxx