Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Someone left a comment on my entry on the prevalence of breast cancer, saying that she was going to delay having a mammogram because apparently she can roll off the names of so many who had been diagnosed with cancer having gone to our local private hospital. I find this comment particularly insensitive and ignorant to be honest. Does she think that all the women have been misdiagnosed?  That our local private hospital is making money by subjecting healthy women to unnecessary chemotherapy and surgery?  That I'm losing my hair and going through all this pain and massive inconvenience so someone can rake it in? Or perhaps there's a better explanation - that cancer cases are going up and are becoming more common. In fact, the NHS is going to move down the age of free mammograms to 48 - they understand the epidemic and are hoping to cure as many women as they can from this disease by finding it early. 

So, please ignore that comment (I will, of course, delete it) and get yourselves checked.  

Also, please excuse the rant. And my sense of humour failure.  As the comment was anonymous, I could not just pick up the telephone and scream.


  1. bibloodybizarre! Surely there must be some misunderstanding? No one can seriously suggest that the local private hospital is over diagnosing women in the name of profit (£85 for goodness sake)? Private or NHS, Healthcare Professionals are subject to the same professional code of conduct. The number of women diagnosed at the local private hospital (ie. those under the age of 50 and therefore not entitled to NHS mamms) is more indicative of the socio-demographics/level of education/spending choices of the women in this area. Women like you who take a proactive stance with regards to their health, rather than simply purchase another handbag. Anyway, glad you feel well enough to get mad Chinot. Your message must ring loud and true: get yourselves checked out.

  2. One more thing I wanted to share: being a survivor, you will be subjected to many aggravating things in the future. The next time someone complains about the itch of a mosquito bite, or that they have a bum stomach and therefore can't get up, you'll be irritated. That's what I went through. After the shit of going through treatments, it's hard to feel sorry for those people who whine over the most minor things.

    Every day is a blessing, we can make the most of it!

    Much love to you. :)