Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Let's Get Physical

"Long time no see", I said to my uh... drawer that houses my workout clothes the other day. But after surgery, two weeks in South Africa, chemotherapy and numerous hospital visits, I had skipped the gym for over a month. However I am feeling back to normal now, and ready to be active again.

So, I've been to the gym thrice, and have done a couple of spinning classes, a run and pilates. I'm going back tomorrow for more spinning and I have a self-defence class the whole day on Friday. I know it wasn't two weeks since I'd had the treatment, but I am feeling back to the way I was before my diagnosis (ie healthy). And it's one of the best things I could've done. Apart from feeling that by going to the gym I was giving the ol' cancer the finger (nyah-nyah you can't stop me) I'm also convinced that one of the reasons why the chemotherapy has not affected me as much as it could have is because I was (am) fairly fit.

And I'd like to keep it that way. I feel that I'm in a slight position of strength now, knowing what I've got coming. So I've decided to look at it this way: every three weeks I have a scheduled "flu", which will keep me feeling ropey for a week. I then have two weeks to be myself before the darned "flu" hits me again. But I intend to spend those two weeks doing whatever I can to stay healthy and fighting fit. Which means going to the gym and licking the inside of a lawnmower. Actually, I meant drinking two shots of wheatgrass juice every day. Which tastes like the inside of a lawnmower...

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  1. I like the idea that you are viewing this from a 'position of strength' now. However grotty you may feel there is no msytery to it anymore. You know, when and where and why. You can almost plan to be ill.......something I often do in my job!
    I was also interested to read about your lawnmower fetish. I had something similar in my youth...I was strangely attracted to my school bag. It turns out I'm bisatchel!