Friday, 6 May 2011

My Absolutely Amazing Friends

The nurses said that in the years they'd worked in the chemo ward, it was the first time they had ever encountered a chemo picnic. Friends arrived for my first treatment bearing organic foodstuffs, books, magazines, newspapers and more importantly, lots of laughs and loads of love. Considering the circumstances, it was a truly unforgettable day. And not for the wrong reasons.

We've also been very well fed - we arrived back from hospital to find F sneakily dropping off food by our doorstep, and it hasn't stopped since. We've had chicken casserole, lasagne, roast chicken, salads, soup, cheese scones, fresh asparagus: the list goes on. Flowers and gifts have arrived and earlier today I found a mysterious parcel with organic chocolates, organic bathsalts and the latest Hello magazine by the doorstep - with no note attached! (Could that angel please let her presence be known? I'd like to thank you properly.)

Messages of love and support have arrived from far and near, and I have especially enjoyed mad A's energy buzzes from New York and V's jokes from China. LH's best friend M (also known as weird Uncle M by the children) has offered to come and be my nanny. I have been deluged with phone calls, emails and texts from people to let them know that they're thinking of me and sending me their prayers, love and support.

Honestly, with all these going on, how can I not get better! I have not felt more loved than I have this last month or so. Thank you so very much to all you very special people

Here's a snippet of a conversation I had yesterday with second son E:
Second son E: Mummy, are you enjoying your cancer?
Me (quite shocked): No, not really. Why?
Second son E: because your friends are spoiling you and you don't have to cook!

Hmm, it seems second son E is onto something here - perhaps I should really milk this!

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  1. Milk away girlfriend. BIG TIME!!! If not now when??? Tho how the hell did you eat all that food?? (you are so going to need to go back to your spinning classes!) I'm loving the fact that people are leaving gifts at your door. That makes you a superstar. Which you are. Lx