Tuesday, 17 May 2011

She Blinded Me with Science

I received a letter from my oncologist, telling me that my breast cancer is HER-2/neu negative. This has been added to the ER+PR+ and type 3 that I had been given before. Who would've thought that breast cancer could be so complicated?

The important thing is that this is good news apparently. I spoke to M, my breast cancer nurse (I have three nurses: 2 chemotherapy nurses and the aforementioned M) and she explained that this was all good. In terms of breast cancer types, this is the one to have. Huh.

Just thought I'd let you know.


  1. how many types do you want??? Have you got two now? Is one better than the other??
    Though if your breast cancer nurse says it's good then I think it must be GOOD!!! Keep having the good stuff! xx

  2. Wow Chinot, I was lost in the quagmire of the medical terms in your entry here. Complicated hardly begins to describe them. BUT, if they translate to good news, then that's good enough for me and for all of us in the cheering squad.

    Tech left today with the twins and the yaya. She failed to bring (I believe on purpose) my wee. Told her that since you didn't want to send your wee for me to have it thoroughly examined by medical experts here, then I'd send you MY wee.
    Love you sweetie!

  3. Brilliant news hun! Will give you a ring F X