Thursday, 26 May 2011

(Ding-ding) Round 2

Ha! Blood test came out fine which means that I was back yesterday for my second FEC treatment. (Wish I was Irish at this point - can you imagine all the swearing opportunities???) I had decided to go for the cool cap again - although I've already lost at the very least a third of my hair, I'm hoping this is just a thinning and will eventually taper off. Sigh... One can but hope... The good news about the cold cap though is that nurse R used the newer Paxman machine on me (why didn't she use it the first time, you ask?) and it was much much better than the first as it was put on my head warm, thus avoiding the instant migraine. LH was there of course, holding my hand and giving me strength in a way that only he can. Friends arrived bearing love, laughter and gifts - special mention must go to L's apothecary of anti- toenail falling off remedies. Came home, had lunch and an absolutely amazing reflexology session. In comparison to my first chemotherapy treatment, I'm actually feeling fine. Perhaps it's all the wheatgrass I've been imbibing, the reflexology, the nausea bands - or all three. Whatever it is, I'm certainly going to continue with all of them.

Despite feeling pretty good, off I went to bed anyway. Twins E and N had a school production scheduled last night and tonight (what terrible timing) and I was determined to go and see it so I forced myself to rest. And I managed to get to the play - but had to leave after the interval as I started to feel quite nauseous and tired. So with utter frustration and sadness I let LH bring me back home so I could rest. Needless to say, I cried most of the way home... Oh FEC...

But I must look at the bright side: 50% of the FEC done! Yippee! After the next two FECs, I've got 12 weekly Taxols which should go on until October, followed by my surgery, then radiotherapy. Phew. And a brand new cancer-free me for Christmas! For once, I think I'll be very happy to see the Christmas decorations up in October - it will be a sign that I'm near the end!

Liz Atkinson (super reflexologist!) - 01582 841615

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  1. Well done girlfriend for even getting to the play!! And what a message you are giving to your gorgeous twins that you will move heaven and earth to be there for them. Children notice these things even if they don't tell you and feeling unconditionally loved is a gift money can't buy.
    Now, looking forward to Christmas (which you sure as heck CAN throw money at!), you need to know that I AM MRS CHRISTMAS. SO I am definitely up for getting the decs up in October. The latest mine have come down was the 4th of March!!!! We could even take some decs up to the Spire as you near the end of the weeklies!
    So far so good is where you are. Remember Eckhart!
    And thanks goodness you are at least acknowledging you *might* have to slow down slightly! Your slow is my normal....

    Hugs Lxx
    Ps I have Harry's head stuck on my toe now.