Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Sick Face

Earlier this morning I asked LH to do something he wasn't keen on doing, so I employed The Sick Face. My oh my, I didn't realise the power a little facial expression could wield. Forget Rhonda Byrne and her Law of Attraction, all you need is a little downturn of the mouth and puppy dog eyes.

The possibilities are endless, and the entire process consumes so much less energy. Instead of having to scream at the children to pick up their stuff off the floor, all I would have to do would be to use the Sick Face - add a heavy sigh for good measure - and the job would be done. If the task's a bit bigger I suppose I could add a bit of tongue hanging out and eye rolling. Foaming at the mouth could be excessive, but may be used for drastic cases.

The power! I feel like I have just been handed the Remote Control.


  1. i have to say i have used that sick face a time or two (ok, a lot!!!) i call it 'playing the cancer card'... the few months i was doing chemo, 1) my kids did everything i asked without complaint (homework, guitar practice, walk the dog... no problem!), 2) i actually got my mom and dad in the same room together, and talking after almost 20 yrs of separation ('i need my mommy and my daddy' then cue the sick face and puppy dog eyes... that was a touching moment... i really did feel that that healed me), 3) i got control of the actual tv remote control!!! lifestyle network, oprah, ellen nonstop!

  2. i just read all your recent blogs and i have to say, you're amazing!!! i have great faith that you'll be ok bec you have two of the most important things you need to get better... namely, a sense of humor, and the love of your truly amazing family and friends!
    much love, hugs and positive energy,

    PS-i actually planted lemongrass bec people kept harping on its health benefits... unfortunately, i hated the taste and i never really did drink it on a regular basis... but guess what i do drink... juice made of talbos ng kamote, malunggay, dahon ng sili, saluyot and pineapple... only in da pilipins!!!

  3. Hilarious!We used to go on holida every year with My Uncle (who is amazing and fantastic) and in a wheelchair and we would all get to go to the front of the queues at the airport and even at Disney!! When they asked him how many in your party he'd say 7 and we'd all smile and march forward and if it looked like there might be a problem Unle Jerry would twitch a little just for effect!! You have to milk these things and at least get some use out of the crapness!! Lx

  4. Wow, this gives me a great idea for a super villain! What a great super power that would be!

    Batman: "Stop thief!! Put those jewels down!"

    Sick Face: "But... but.." *flashes sick face*

    Batman: "Awww, ok... but just this time, ok? Do you need help carrying that?"

    Instead of an "S" or a bat on the chest, Sick Face can have this emblem instead:

    Quick! Call Marvel! Call DC!