Thursday, 5 May 2011

My Absolutely Amazing Family

Hurrah! I'm a new person today! After feeling like death yesterday, I actually woke up this morning after a mere four hours of sleep feeling much much better. What a relief. And I've actually managed to stay out of bed and get stuff done around the house. (Cleaner stuck in Ireland as her father's just died - how inconsiderate is that??? I JEST!)

Because I was bedridden and in a very bad place yesterday, LH decided to cancel a business trip to Oslo to tend to me. I think he must've realised that it was a very hasty decision when he saw me whizzing about the house like the Tasmanian Devil by mid-morning. It was a very sweet decision though and I was very (secretly) relieved. We had a very lovely lunch together - something that doesn't happen often enough.

And I was very impressed indeed when LH and I came down to breakfast to find the children dressed and ready for school, bags and snacks by the front door and having prepared breakfast for everyone. Although we have been very open with them about my cancer diagnosis, I don't think they've fully understood the implications as apart from frequent hospital visits and a heroin addict's bruised arm, I'm pretty much the same person. (I have been hiding my manic sobbing sessions from them.) So finding me in bed yesterday, unable to do anything, proved to be a bit of a shock. I believe that my cancer diagnosis might actually prove to be very good for them: I think that children nowadays are cosseted too much and all their energies are focused solely upon themselves. Having to take care of someone else will hopefully teach them empathy, perception and responsibility, making them better people all around.

Cancer does have its positive points.

PS. Am fading now so am going to bed. Tomorrow: My Absolutely Amazing Friends.


  1. Good grief I'm knackered just reading this post!!! How fab that you guys had a nice day together (how was the asparagaus?) and I would not have the slightest doubt that your gorgeous children will be amazing throughout all this. Now will you sleep for a long time and stop making the rest of us look feeble! Lxx

  2. C, having "been there, done that" as the support team of a cancer patient husband, I can vouch for one certain thing: even at the toughest point of this journey, the will to get through it all wins over the dark. I am here (albeit far far away) if ever you or the captain of your support team needs a shoulder. Big hugs from Cebu :-)