Friday, 6 May 2011

My Absolutely Amazing Family Part 2

When I first had an inkling that something could be wrong ie. I was asked back to hospital for a biopsy - I called my sisters and brothers to tell them the news. But I did not call my parents until I had the proper diagnosis a few days later. I was too scared to tell my mom, as I knew the news would be truly heartbreaking for her. And it was. I actually ended up consoling her as she was absolutely distraught.

I think both her and my father now know that it is a curable disease, and they've both calmed down. So now I just have to contend with my father's belief that lemongrass will cure all, and that I should be taking doses of the stuff everyday. The icing on the cake though came when he asked me to send a sample of my wee to the Philippines, and did not for one moment think that this was a silly request. My father is normally rational, but when I refused his request to send my urine via Fedex, he just could not accept it. I suppose it's because they want the best for me and are looking at all angles to get me better. (But seriously??? My wee???)

My brother A believes that Taheebo is the answer, and my sister M is storming heaven with her prayers. Sister T arrives in a few weeks' time to help out during treatments 2 and 3. Brother L has sent messages of love and positive vibes. And my mother has decided to come over and stay for six months. (I dropped this little bit of information to LH whilst he and I were going through Immigration in South Africa. I thought it would be quite a task for him to interrogate me whilst he was being questioned himself.)

LH's family have also been fantastic. LH's mum arrived today to help around the house and well, spoil me. She's a breast cancer survivor, so she's aware of the trials and travails of this pernicious evil. His dad, siblings and sister-in-law have called and sent messages of love.

I'm not British, and thus I don't suffer from the stiff upper lip. I tell my family and friends I love them every chance I get. But as I have been so inundated with love these past few weeks, it's only fair that I give a heck of a lot back. And I'm going to have to employ some of A's energy buzzes from New York to do it properly. So here it goes, to my wonderful family and friends: BZZZZZZZZ... I LOVE YOU... BZZZZZZZZZZ!!!


  1. C, I have always enjoyed reading your blogs, especially when you wrote about your travels a few years ago. Your analysis of the decisions you and LH have made were always thought provoking and encouraged me to review matters, rather than just drift through life. However, I thought this blog would be slightly different for some reason. But oh no: I have laughed out loud when you talk about your dad's response (Men are so action focused aren't they?) and E's take on the current situation, hugely admired your friend's ability to administer your shot and wept when you talk about breaking the news to your mum. I hope the writing of this blog helps you deal with the EC as much as it does the people around you. Keep being amazing honey. It's one of the things you do best.