Thursday, 26 May 2011


It seems that I am sadly one of the unlucky 30% for whom the Paxman cold cap does not work. My hair has been falling at an alarming rate. Since my earlier post this morning, it seems I now only have a third of my hair left. I'll be lucky if I'm not bald by the weekend. It's pretty shocking, but hey ho. If it's killing my hair follicles, it had better be killing that nasty evil tumour.

Luckily, I've discovered a funky website that sells hats and turbans for women with no hair. So it seems I'll be rocking the bohemian look pretty soon - or looking like a mad fortune-teller. Now, where's my crystal ball?


  1. oh poo, i had hoped you were exaggerating. Have looked at the website, they have some beautiful headgear. Personal favs are Bea, Gemma & Lizzie, Riga and Carrie. Oh and you must get a Diva;it sparkles! Go crazy, you're worth it.
    The day in Cambridge on June 20th looks promising too. Happy to drive you there, although I suspect you may need a mini bus to fit all 'Chinot's angels' in! Can you imagine Lynne there, OMG not sure they are ready for her remedy for nailess toes! xx

  2. Awww crap! That's sooooo crap crap crap! I'm really sorry.
    However, as you say if the stuff is makin your hair fall out think what it's doin to the tumour! It doesn't stand a chance.
    Soooooo we must embrace this HUGE new shopping opportunity and buy buy buy. Have you had your colours done?? (if you haven't then we shall be off doing that after the chemo dip). Do you know what colours suit you? And you must have day wear and glittery evening wear. And I think for future chemo picnics you must insist on all of Chinot's Angels arriving in their best and funkiest headwear!!
    And also remember.....this too will pass. Think of the Xmas decs. We are going LARGE this crimbo!!
    Can I book my seat on the minibus?!?! AM stocking up on Vics Vapour Rub as we speak.
    Hugs LL x Lynne x

  3. Well, now you can finally justify buying several Hermes silk scarves and some big shades and do the Jackie Kennedy look :D

  4. I think you would make a great fortune teller :))