Friday, 6 May 2011

Yesterday's Hero

I had to go back to hospital on Thursday to get a shot of Neulasta, a medication to keep my white blood cells up and prevent infection. E had volunteered to pick me up from home and take me for the injection and drop me off at A's for lunch. But because I felt like absolute death on Wednesday night, I couldn't bear the thought of leaving my bed. So I had to call neighbour and girlfriend H to ask her if she could please pickup the shot and administer it. And, much to my surprise, she said yes.

She arrived at midday having been taught by the chemo nurses how to do it. And apart from the fact that she could not find a firm part of my stomach (Hey! I've had three children! And a twin pregnancy!) it went pretty smoothly.

The amazing thing is she didn't even balk at the procedure (I couldn't even look). H surely deserves a medal and an Ann Summers nurse's uniform.

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  1. Hurrah to your friend although I could have done that for you too! [When she'll be there for 6mos, pls dont forget to ask Mom abt what I did for Sam when she was 5yo. Tell her it was her pearl earrings when she couldnt remove it.;)]